In this day and age, it is more important than ever that you look after your money and make savings where possible, I’m sure that something we can all relate to is when you buy something only to find it advertised at a much lower price elsewhere. Finding the best deal on something can be hard and in order to make sure you find the bargains you need to be able to search multiple retailers at once to find who is offering the lowest price.

There are many ways that you can find a good deal and it is only made easier thanks to the huge developments in the online shopping market, whether you are having to search around for a good 12 month broadband deal or you simply want to reduce the cost of your weekly food shop it makes sense to look for the best price rather than paying more than you need to. If you are able to make small savings on your regular outgoings you will have the more expendable income to invest in treats and things for your own enjoyment.


Online Offers

Thanks to the high reliance on technology that our world as a whole now has there is an abundance of online shopping retailers who have chosen to offer their products on services on an online platform. Buying online is much more convenient and easier than going to visit a store in person and there is a huge amount of regular sales and discounts that are offered to online buyers. It is so easy to find the best deal when shopping online as you can search for your chosen product and see which retailers have it in stock and the price of the item.

With online shopping growing in popularity at such a rapid rate we have also seen the development of online services such as Honey, these companies offer a downloadable add on for your smart devices which can be sued to find the cheapest price of a product as well as inform customers of any deals or special offers that are being provided. I would argue that technology and online shopping is some of the biggest reasons that companies are offering so many special offers as it helps them to secure repeat business for the future.


Vouchers and Discount Codes

You can get vouchers and discount codes from a number of different methods, by simply contacting the company with feedback on their products it is common practice within the business to offer a discount incentive for a customer to either leave a product review or to follow their social media accounts. This is a great business strategy that you should absolutely be taking advantage of as a customer, it not only encourages the customer to buy a product again but also ensures that their following is increasing at a regular rate.

Particularly when shopping online you should always be on the lookout for any vouchers or discount codes that are available as you are throwing money away if you ignore these promotions and pay the full price. No matter how small the discount is, every saving you are able to make adds up to a pretty healthy sum if you try to save money on every purchase you make.


Closing Down Sales

When a store sadly closes down they will usually try and make as much money as they can by selling off their remaining stock at a discounted price, this allows the business to make sure they are not wasting good stock that they can make money from to help them in the future. As a customer, a closing down sale is one of the best places you can go to if you are looking to get the best prices on your purchases. Especially if you’re a fan of the store you should definitely try to take advantage of any closing down sales that may occur as it will not only be one of your last opportunities to shop there but you could save a lot of money by finding a true bargain amongst the stores remaining stock and produce.


Secondhand Shops

A great place to visit if you are looking to find a bargain would have to be the secondhand shop, these shops rely upon the donations of the public and are usually selling goods in order to raise money for a charity. It is often looked down upon when people choose to shop in a second-hand shop but as long as there is nothing wrong with what you are buying you should feel no shame in trying to save some money. There are some real bargains to be found in these shops so you can save your money while donating to a good cause.


Car Boot Sales

A final location that provides the opportunity to find a great deal would be going to a car boot sale, these sales occur all over the country and many people visit to sell their unwanted items at very cheap prices. Much like the secondhand shop, there is a lot of judgment that exists when it comes to buying from a  car boot sale, you should feel no shame in wanting to find a good deal and saving your hard-earned money, you are also doing the seller a favor as you are helping them raise money whilst clearing out any items in their home that are just sitting around unused.

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