Cornerstone Bank assists Brian Center
Residents of the Brian Center can rest easier with the implementation of a new Seniors Crime Stoppers program that is backed by a $250,000 loan from Cornerstone Bank. The program will be announced Wednesday at 1 at the Brian Center.
As part of a “Banking on the Community” initiative, the Seniors Housing Crime Prevention Foundation has a similar program in more than 6,500 nursing homes nationwide, serving 48 states. The results of the crime prevention efforts have seen a 90 percent reduction in crime affecting seniors nationwide.
“These are our most vulnerable citizens,” Cornerstone Bank president Norm Osborn said. “Crime prevention for our seniors is a growing need.
 “We have long been a leader in support of our seniors, and this is a program that we are enthusiastically behind,” Osborn added.
 The program includes personal lock boxes for Brian Center residents, educational programs for residents and families, a 24-hour tip phone line, and cash rewards for those assisting in solving a crime.
Also attending the presentation are representatives of the NC Bankers Association, executives of the Brian Center, and members of the SHCP foundation.
For more information about the program, contact Norm Osborn at 243-5588.

November 16, 2007