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Cornerstone Bank Customer Features
Cornerstone Bank’s Sara Hudgins with Ella and Clarence Carter.

As soon as Clarence Carter walked into his new bank, he knew this would be different. “There were no lines, no ropes,” Carter noticed. “And people spoke to me and made me feel welcome.”  A federal prison retiree who moved to the area a year ago, he had dealt with many banks through the years. Just as he was ready for a new climate, he was ready for a new and different bank. “I told my wife, and she found it hard to believe until she visited for herself, met the staff and sat down with Sara Hudgins. Sara goes far beyond what’s expected — she’s caring, professional, dedicated...”  Ella Carter carried the conversation further. “Sara takes time to explain things to me in laymen’s terms so that I clearly understand before making a decision.”  Want to see for yourself? Stop by, ask for Sara Hudgins and escape from the usual banking standards.

“This bank is the exception to the
rule. This bank is more like a home—
warm and cozy. And the people
– Clarence Carter
What makes us different?
Visit for yourself and
find consistency,
convenience, accuracy,
friendly faces, and a
bank that's actually
having fun!
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March 31, 2013

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