Weight Class

Mark Davis took 9 Conerstone Employees on a intense 6-week program to work on fitness. They turned 20 reps into 45, shed pounds, lost body fat, increased flexibility, added strength, and learned a lot

Packing It In

Cornerstone Bank’s Teena Lamm helps Steve Hewett of Pack & Ship with on-line banking.Steve Hewett retired from Firestone, then began a new career with the purchase of PACK & SHIP behind the

Remote possibilities

Tri-Steel’s fabricated steel products are now in place in Canada, Africa, Latin America, and major parts ofthe U.S. So driving from Sims to Wilson for some banking seemed like a just another trip

Fresh baked idea

Janell Crosby, a third grade teacher for 17 years, recalled all those nights of baking cookies at 3 a.m. and one day the idea hit her: why not make a business out of cookies?  She researched, developed

Escape clause

As soon as Clarence Carter walked into his new bank, he knew this would be different. “There were no lines, no ropes,” Carter noticed. “And people spoke to me and made me feel welcome.”  A