Cornerstone Bank Announces Staff Promotions, Officer Titles

WILSON — The Board and Management of Cornerstone Bank have announced eleven staff members receiving promotions and titles that makes them officers of the Bank.
“These promotions are overdue and much deserved by some of our long-term employees who have shown exceptional loyalty, provided leadership to the staff and exhibited outstanding service to our customers,” Cornerstone president Norm Osborn said. “We are very much aware of how they strengthen our bank, which in turn strengthens our community. These are people of high character and represent our bank in many ways within the community.”
Named Senior Vice President is David Wilson, who is the Bank’s senior credit risk manager. He has been at Cornerstone for eight years, but has 30 years of banking experience with a blend of retail banking and business loan management. He currently manages the Bank’s  loan underwriting area.

Six employees were elevated to Vice President positions. That includes Cheryl Parker, who manages the branch operations and security, Duran Broadhurst, Jeff Hamilton, Sara Hudgins and Jim McGee, who are lending  officers, and Michelle Joyner, who is the Bank’s audit and compliance officer. Parker has been with the Bank for 10 years, and manages branch operations, security, facilities, and the 2nd 50 Club. Both Broadhurst — a Wilson-based banking leader —and McGee bring more than 30 years banking experience each. Hamilton has been with Cornerstone for seven years and serves business and personal lending. Hudgins has been with Cornerstone for nine years and is a Certified Mortgage Planner; she also originates retail and construction loans. Joyner has been with Cornerstone for 12 years and has served as assistant controller,internal audit manager and compliance officer.

Additionally, three assistant vice presidents were named: Carla Harvey, Tracy Bunn, and Denise Winstead.  Harvey is a customer service officer and one of the most visible faces inside the Bank. She has nine years of experience with Cornerstone, and is frequently cited for service above and beyond routine customer service and assistance. Bunn is a deposit and loan operations assistant, and has nine years experience with Cornerstone. She also has served as a customer service representative and is extremely knowledgeable about various areas of the Bank. Winstead is a business services assistant and team leader, and has served the Bank for eight years. She also has been a business and retail loan processor, and she is detailed in reviewing loans.

“These employees have shown leadership through many years of service to the Bank,” Osborn added. “Their performance is visible inside and outside the bank, and they show remarkable teamwork in complimenting one another.”

Parker sums up the sentiments of many: “I have accepted every responsibility that the Bank has given me and I try to do the best job that I can.”
Cornerstone Bank opened in March 2000, and operates a Main Office on Nash Street.

April 24, 2014